Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 4

I managed to squeeze in a slightly larger 1150pt game of Gates of Antares using my Ghar against my regular Algoryn adversary at HATE Club this week. This time we picked to play the ‘An Unexpected Encounter’ mission that represents two scouting forces returning to their own lines through the remains of a ruined outpost when they come across each other unexpectedly – each side must try to retreat towards its own lines whilst inflicting as much damage on the enemy as it can.

My force this time was pretty much my standard 1k Ghar Empire list plus my newly painted Hükk Bounty Hunter in order to add some variety.

Turned out to be a really close game with the Ghar only winning by a single point. Some quick observations:

  • I think I have finally got the hang of using the Battlesuit Scourer Cannons to good effect – the three different fire modes offer some interesting trade offs. If an enemy target is in heavy cover or has lots of buddy drones to buff them then you usually want to be using the Dispersal mode in order to be able to allocate hits to the drones, ignore cover and lay down some extra suppression pins.
  • As much as I love the Battle suits from a model & play POV, I probably need to consider another squad or two of outcasts. Pretty much every game my extra plasma amplifier dice burn out quickly leaving me on the backfoot in terms of reduced likelihood of picking an order dice out of the bag relative to my opponent. Outcasts squads give you the extra cheap dice to even this out a bit.
  • Likewise, I was luckier with the Distort dice picks in this game than previous games. The Outcast squad is usually the ‘dump squad’ of choice if you pick the Distort dice out while playing Ghar, but if you only have a single squad then that squad won’t get to do very much during the game.
  • Terrain can be crippling to Ghar Battlesuits – I made poor choices during the game and got two of my squads ‘stuck’ in difficult terrain which both slowed them down and blunted the effectiveness of their shooting – again have more outcasts helps mitigate this issue.

I’m hoping I can organise enough interest in Antares to get a narrative campaign up and running later in the year. The new Dronescourge supplement which is due for release shortly looks interesting as it sounds as if it will focus on adding Spacehulk/Zone Mortalis style rules to Antares which is just the type of skirmish game I like playing on club nights.

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2 Responses to Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 4

  1. gmsshadow says:

    Nice summary. I’ve been considering a Ghar army as the third army for our group and wondered if it was worth multiple outcast units to get those order dice up. I also had similar thoughts regarding Dronescourge and Space Hulk. Will be interesting to see what the supplement brings to the game.

    • heretic30k says:

      I definitely feel you need them to balance out how expensive the suits are. I can see how nasty the Ghar Rebel force must be – it is pretty easy to end up with a LOT of dice.

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