Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 3

I managed to ebay for a cheap set of BtGoA Xilos Horizon to bulk out my Ghar forces – three more Ghar Assault suits painted up:

Ghar Empire Assault Battlesuits

I’m not sure I can completely articulate why, but there is something I just find satisfying about painting up the Ghar suits: they are quite big figs (larger than terminators) and a simple metallic colour scheme suits them pretty well so they are very quick to do.

I’m going to look at trading or ebaying for some Necron bits to customise a command squad at some point. Since I have a whole Xilos set, I also have some extra Concord to experiment with – I wasn’t completely happy with the ones I did for the Kar’A 9 starter set in a Bone/Red scheme, so I think I will try something new with this batch. I’m not that attached to the Concord, it is really just to have another small force for demo games.

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