Tarssis 4 – The Rise Of The Martyrs – Horus Heresy Narrative Event Write-up

Last weekend I attended the Geno Five Two podcast’s narrative Horus Heresy Event: Tarssis 4 – The Rise Of The Martyrs @ Incom Gaming.

This was the fourth event of the Tarssis series, of which I had attended two of the prior events – both of which were excellent and so expectations were set very high. The event actually managed to sell out in less than 5min when the tickets went on sale – sufficient traffic to crash the booking system that was used for ticketing so that the event was actually massively oversold! Luckily the Geno guys rolled up their sleeves and pulled out all the stops to try and cram in as many additional players as could safely be added.

Rise Of The Martyrs was quite different in core format from the prior events: this was the first team doubles event, limited to 1,000pts per player with Force Organisation being restricted to the ‘Centurion’ format originally developed by the Eye Of Horus podcast. Essentially, the idea is to focus on small point infantry games with only a few dreadnoughts or light vehicles each side in a style reminiscent of 2nd edition Rogue Trader Warhammer 40k.

I decided to team up with James, one of my older gaming buddies that hadn’t played 40k with me since around 5th edition. Work and family responsibilities have meant that we haven’t met up for way too long, let alone played any games so I thought it would be a good excuse to catch-up. With that in mind I finished off painting my small Iron Warriors Legion force so that he could borrow them and I chose to play my Dark Compliance force which is a mix of Word Bearers and Militia cultists. Probably not an optimal pairing, but at least it was all painted. I was hoping that the laid back gaming atmosphere and awesome display of hobby would be enough to lure James into starting an army.

Scenarios were based on the Heresy ‘Shadows Wars’ missions with a sprinkling of random special objectives tables and a basic experience system of the leader of each force to progress and/or suffer the effects of injuries over the course of the day.

Game 1 vs Ravenguard & Space Wolves

Game 2 vs Imperial Fists & White Scars

Game 3 vs Blood Angels & Dark Angels

So how did we do? In a word: terribly! We lost all of our games and overall it was a loss to the Traitor Forces. However, all of the opponents were great fun to play with some amazingly painted armies and the terrain was exceptionally good given the scale of the event (17 Loyalist and Traitor Teams, 2 players per team; 68 players in total). This was probably the highest quality of hobby work I have seen at any wargaming event – period.

Most importantly James had a great time so I think I might have inspired him enough to start a new Heresy army 🙂

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