Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 2

I have now finished my 1,000pt Ghar Empire starter battleforce just in time for another game at the HATE Club:

1000pt Ghar Empire starter battleforce
A very simple colour scheme for quick painting – Battlesuits:

  • Spray GW Chaos Black.
  • Spray GW Leadbelcher.
  • Pick out face, pipework, powercore and weapons in GW Balthazar Gold.
  • Wash with GW Nuln Oil.
  • Wash with GW Agarax Earthshade.
  • Sponge with GW Ironbraker.
  • Pick out the face, powercore and gun arm weapon with GW Gehenna Gold and then over wash Agarax Earthshade to tie in.
  • Pick out the power globes/sensors with Stormhost Silver and then over glaze Waystone Green.

The Outcast infantry:

  • Flesh – basecoat Rakarth Flesh, wash Reikland Fleshshade and then drybrush Pallid Wytch Flesh.
  • Eyes – Aveland Darksun then wash Carroburg Crimson.
  • Jumpsuit/clothing – Mechanicum Standard Grey and then wash Nuln Oil.

The Outcasts are a lot more fiddly due to their small size and are slightly comical looking which is ironic given that essentially the Ghar are the Daleks/Space Nazis of the Gates of Antares universe.

We played the ‘Return to Base Camp’ scenario from the core Gates of Antares rulebook with my (not so) noble Ghar laying siege to an Algoryn base camp:

1000pt Ghar Empre versus Algorian Prosperate

1000pt Ghar Empre versus Algorian Prosperate

1000pt Ghar Empre versus Algorian Prosperate

1000pt Ghar Empre versus Algorian Prosperate

The dice gods abandoned me early in the game with all of my Battlesuit Plasma Amplifiers burning out on the first turn combined with my Ghar Bomber running out of ammo and an early Distort dice pick meaning that I ended up having to Down my Outcast squad. Ghar Empire are quite a ‘swingy’ faction so you normally expect to win or lose big so this isn’t completely unexpected. I did soldier on to play a full six turns and despite the early setbacks, the game was much closer than I had any right to expect. That said, I fundamentally had a great time as the core order dice bag mechanic still makes Antares seem much more interactive than WH40k 7th/8th edition – it just seems that even with small scale games that there are interesting decisions to be made. We also managed to comfortably get the game completed in just under 2 hrs even playing at a relatively relaxed pace so plenty of time was left to get a drink and talk life/hobby afterwards. Pro-gamer tip: it always helps to play a venue with a licensed bar 🙂

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