Frostgrave Campaign @ HATE – Game 2: Genie In The Bottle

Second Frostgrave campaign game at HATE Club on Tuesday this week: Genie In The Bottle.

In my first game I managed to escape with no casualties, this time was much more brutal with my Necromancer, Apprentice and most of the warband were all taken out. In the post game injury roll off my poor Apprentice actually died – ouch!

Frostgrave terrain at HATE Club

Frostgrave terrain at HATE Club

Frostgrave terrain at HATE Club

There are so many different spells! I have never been one to pour over and memorise every last rule, so it is fun to come across how spells are used in actual play as they crop up. Based on the experience system there seemed an obvious favouring of aggressive, combat wizards like Elementalists and interestingly everyone in the campaign seems to specifically avoid them as being potentially unfun by way of gentleman’s agreement.

Without having played much Frostgrave before, I didn’t realise how useful some of the non-combat spells are.
Telekinesis is really handy to move treasure chests away from the enemy and/or towards your own warband. Given that your henchmen only move at half speed when they have picked up treasure, it is actually much more useful than you might think. Equally, other spells that buff movement like Leap, Fleet Feet and Teleport can be game changes to help with your dash too and from your treasure grab.

I can see that there are some flaws in the current experience point system – there is an over emphasis on casting *any* spell to gain experience which favours just casting the easiest/most basic ones and the bonuses for taking down enemy player’s warband does favour aggression. Interestingly, the author Jospeh A. McCullough has acknowledge the issues and has suggestion potential solutions which might be adopted in future – see
It would make much more sense that you get more points per spell casting, but that you only get that bonus for each different type of spell cast. If you are playing casually with friends or at a club (which you should be as I cannot imagine anyone would want to play Frostgrave competitively), then I would seriously consider adopting some of these ideas as house rules to encourage more diversity in play styles.

Finally, I managed one small piece of Frostgrave related hobbying by digging out an old goblin wolf rider (minus the goblin) to use as a proxy warhound for my warband:

Goblin Wolf rider

It really is a very basic paint job and the sculpt horrible (really showing it’s age now), but it didn’t cost me anything and at least my entire warband is fully painted 🙂

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