Counting down to Tarssis 4 – The Rise Of The Martyrs – Horus Heresy Narrative Event

Next week I will be heading over to Incom Gaming in Cheltenham for the Geno Five Two podcast’s narrative Horus Heresy Event: Tarssis 4 – The Rise Of The Martyrs.
I have attended two of the previous events organised by Tom & Stu and they were both well run and great fun. This one has a slightly different theme as it is a Loyalist versus Traitors team doubles event using the ‘Centurion’ format promoted by the Eye of Horus podcast. Essentially, the idea is to focus on small point infantry games with only a few dreadnoughts or light vehicles each side in a style reminiscent of 2nd edition Rogue Trader Warhammer 40k.

I have slowly been turning my Burning of Prospero boxed set, supplemented by some leftovers from the Betrayal at Calth and bitz box leftovers into a small Iron Warriors force and so Tarssis will probably be the first outing for them:
Betrayal at Calth Contemptor painted in Iron Warriors colour scheme

The plastic Calth set Contemptor is a bit dull & static looking, but I chopped the legs & torso to reposition it slightly to make it a little bit more dynamic. The angle of the pic above does make it look a little awkward, but it does look better in RL – regardless it will have to do at the moment as I have no spare hobby funds to buy a new Forgeworld resin one for now!

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