Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 1

In a moment of weakness, I gave into temptation and purchased the Ghar Empire Starter Army.

The tripod style Ghar battlesuits form the bulk of the set and they are quite simple to put together. Aesthetically, they vaguely remind me of the Necron Spyders & Wraiths to some extent. Customisation options are limited – there are just three head options, which seems spartan compared with modern GW kits. Then again this does mean they are pretty simple to put together which is refreshing compared with some of the intricate GW kits. I’ve decided to go with a simple metallics colour scheme with these guys just so I can get everything painted up and ready to play as quickly as possible:

Ghar Empire Battle & Assault Squads

Ghar Empire Battle & Assault Squads

Curiously, the Tactical and Assault frames are identical other than the weapon arms, so I’m not clear why they didn’t tool it as a single frame with both weapon options – odd, as you would think that it is cheaper to tool a single slightly more packed frame then two unless I have missed something fundamental.

Another anomaly compared with the GW world is that the cannon fodder Outcast figures are in metal so ironically, your disposable cannon fodder Ghar horde infantry units are much more expensive points to £ purchase than the more elite plastic battlesuits figures.

I’m looking forward to playing a few more games to get a better handle on the rules – if I still enjoy it as much as my first few games then I might try and organise a mini narrative campaign at HATE club if I can rustle up enough other players.

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4 Responses to Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Empire part 1

  1. poisontail says:

    The metallic armour looks great, and is a bit different from what one sees around!

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