Final hobby close out of 2017

A bit of a belated post which I meant to post earlier on New Year’s Eve.

I have completely failed to do much in the way of painting in December due to the combination of work and family demands, but I have managed a small amount of progress of a number of random projects:

Horus Heresy prep for 2018 games
Iron Warriors Contemptor work in progress

I don’t plan on starting any new army scale projects in 2018, but there are a few Heresy narrative events I am hoping to attend and HATE Club will be running another narrative campaign from March 2018. I’m probably going to scrape together the embers of various Heresy left overs to bulk out my Iron Warriors. I had an old Calth plastic Contemptor languishing and a buddy bought me a rapier weapons team as an Xmas 2016 gift so these will now be finished off in early 2018. I might add a bit more Forgeworld armour once I have the spare cash.

Necromunda prep for 2018
Necromunda 2017 assembly
I have finally clipped down and assembled all of the figures from the Necromunda 2017 boxed set. As is my usual modus operandi, I built these all stock as per the suggested load-out with a view that I will try to get a game in or two before buying additional figures to customise & kit bash. The quality and detail is GW’s typically high standard, but I do find myself lamenting the more to relatively limited/prescribed poses with these figures. I really don’t like the two part heads – while in theory this gives lots of different builds it is tediously fiddly and I must confess I really don’t enjoy building building these kinds of kits. I have mostly clipped out & filed down the scatter terrain, but this still requires some clean-up.

I also managed to clip out & file and assemble most of my Shadow Wars Armageddon terrain – Ironically, I originally only bought that with a view for using with Necromunda (before there was an official announcement of the new new edition) so my hobby sloth has been rewarded as being appropriated aligned with the new 2018 GW release roadmap.

Not much to show of late in terms of painting, but hopefully I should get a few pieces finished in early 2018.

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