*Final* batch of Plague Marines: Multi-part kit

I already had a legacy Plague Marine marine army dating back to 2014 which was a mix of FW resin bit supplemented by GW plastics and judicious sprinkling of 3rd party resin bits. When Dark Imperium came out, I couldn’t not add to it as I just found Plague Marines such fun to paint and I really liked the Bloat Drone. When I geek into a particular army then it does tend to drive an obsessive compulsive streak in me to collect and so that quickly followed with a purchase of the First Strike Starter and the Plague Brethren limited run set. The net result is that I now have more than enough basic Plague Marines than I am ever likely to use. However, then the new 8th Edition Codex dropped and I still wanted to get the the multi-part kit in order to add a figure with each of the new special weapon load-outs so I would have the option of lots of different & fun options play with (regardless of how effective they are). So here is the final batch all assembled & painted:

Plague Marines with special weapons

Plague Marines with special weapons

I deliberately picked the ‘somewhat less spiky’ rather than the ‘really spiky’ bits and I have to say while I do like the kit overall, especially with their their design elements being tied into the FW Plague Marine kits, Mark III marine kits and a nod to the older Plague Marine sculpts of old – with the benefit of hindsight, I think I would have preferred to clip off a few more of the spikes.

While the overall sprue design, fit, packing of detail and quality is GW at it’s best, I do miss how interchangeable the parts are. It looks like the days of mixing Chaos Marine and Marine bits in a simple manner to generate a variety of poses is gone – these new kits are very detailed, but at the price of pose-ability. You undoubtedly will get some variation from some judicious head and arm swaps, but the main torso/leg core will take a lot more work to try to alter and that seems to be GW’s general trajectory with all the new kits I have looked at recently. Additionally, the often remarked upon scale creep does mean that you might need to take care with how you try to mix in older kits.

On the plus side since the Plague Marines are in plastic now they are much easier to work with than resin 🙂

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2 Responses to *Final* batch of Plague Marines: Multi-part kit

  1. Devon Erhardt says:

    what is your technique to get that green? It looks absolutely amazing

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