Primaris Marine Fight Club / 40k Zone Mortalis narrative night @ HATE

Early in October a number of teasers started to be posted on the HATE Club’s Facebook group for an unspecified 40k event with the only requirement being that you need to paint-up and bring along a single Primaris Space Marine. I decided to take the opportunity to paint up one of the Primaris Marines from the Dark Imperium set and picked out the Primaris Lieutenant, opting for the Minotaurs colour scheme:

Minotaurs Primaris Lieutenant Space Marine

Minotaurs Primaris Lieutenant Space Marine

Minotaurs Primaris Lieutenant Space Marine

Being a bunch of intrigued and dutiful geeks, 19 people turned on to the Club on Oct 25th to find out what the deal was – I had kind of expected some form of Fight Club style multiplayer civil-war shoot out, but it actually turned out to be much more interesting: the Club had managed to accrue enough surplus to purchase a 4’x4′ of Forgeworld’s Zone Mortalis tiles and got a team of talented and keen members to fully paint and detail them to an exceptionally high standard. One of the Club’s founders acted as a GM controlling a force of Nurgle Daemons attempting to wipe out a VIP character which our combined force of Primaris Marines tried to shepherd across the board to the escape craft in order to claim victory:

HATE Club Primaris Zone Mortalis

ATE Club Primaris Zone Mortalis

After much drinking, shouting, occasional dice rolling and general chaos, my noble Lieutenant managed to sacrifice himself to act as a speed bump for the lumbering Great Unclean One, giving his fellow Primaris to win through to the extraction point 🙂

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