The Chapel Project – Part 16 – Silon Thrace & Quint Jericus painted

My next two In28 characters painted: Glavian Gun-Cutter Pilot Silon Thrace and Voidsman Quint Jericus.

With Silon, I wanted to give him a heavily augmented look, but without looking too Mechanicum in flavour so I have avoided my usual comfort zone of painting red. Instead I stuck with fairly neutral colours with a relatively muted grey/brown/metallics palette which seems much more ‘realistically’ militaristic or navy in feel compared with my richly cloaked Inquisitor Fell and dandy Rogue Trader Baron Gotthold.

I really wasn’t too sure how much I wanted Quint to stand out versus blend in with the team, but in the end opted for a copper voidsuit colour which ties him in with both Fell and Astropath Atellus. The rest of him is in a pretty drab/muted colour palette much like Silon – I think this helps to theme them as (indentured?) working-class members of the warband versus the other three which are more high ranking in status.

I only have my scrappy hive ganger, Uriah ‘Frag’ Soloman left from my original Inq28 warband kitbashes to paint now and then I should have something resembling a playable team for small narrative games. I really enjoy modelling Inq28 characters so I will definitely have to have another rummage through my bits box to see what else I can cobble up. Somewhat belatedly I realise I have been negligent to have not made any female character so I will have to aim to address that with the next batch.

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6 Responses to The Chapel Project – Part 16 – Silon Thrace & Quint Jericus painted

  1. Ann says:

    Nice. You certainly have achieved the effect you were going for.

  2. Ann says:

    I don’t think they need it, but if you wanted them to pop more without losing the flavor you succeeded in achieving with the miniature itself, you could perhaps do something with the bases, optionally. Like I said, I do think you succeeded in your stated objective though.

  3. I love what you’ve done.

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