More Plague Marines: First Strike Starter & The Plague Brethren

Before GW confirmed that the new multi-part Plague Marine kit were coming out, I had already decided to pick-up a copy of the First Strike starter set and the limited edition kit (‘The Plague Brethren’) as a way of bulking out my old kit bashes and the newly painted mob from the Dark Imperium Starter Set.

Deathguard Nurgle Plague Marines

Compared with the Dark Imperium set, the three included in the First Strike set are a little disappointing – detail is good, but they look much more static – most likely due to them being designed in fewer pieces for easier push together assembly. Of the three, I think I like the tubby Blight-Launcher wielder best as he is the least ‘spiky’ in design and aesthetics despite him looking like he is standing still.

Deathguard Nurgle Plague Marines
The Plague Brethren set is much more characterful & dynamic- as you would hope given the price point and it being limited edition! As they are multi-part they are much more like the ones from the Dark Imperium kit. There are lots of interesting and characterful details like the melta-gunner having a bundle of spare melta cylinders tied to his backpack for field repairs, but again I find myself likely the middle guy best as he is lacking the ‘spiky’.

With this kind of limited edition kit, it was cool to get some insight from designer’s process and see homages to older designs and artwork, but it was only at the kind of level that you would see mentioned in the recent issues of White Dwarf which is a little disappoint for the money. On the plus side, I’ll probably frame the John Blanche Nurgle concept artwork postcards for my hobby room/home office as some point, but it undoubtedly would probably have been much more sensible of me to have waited & bought a copy of the multi-part kit instead. If I do buy any more though I am either going to clip off some of the spikes, aim to use the less spiky bits or maybe just mix in with some Mark III marines or the Forgeworld resin Plague Marine kits.

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