The Chapel Project – Part 14 – Big Udo, Mutant Henchman painted

Ironically, Big Udo was one of my first Inq28 kit bashes for The Chapel – way before I had solidified a concept for my warband as a whole. Although it has been overused to the point of cliche in the Inq28 community, there is no ignoring that the Age of Sigmar Lord of Plagues model is simply a brilliant and characterful base model to work with. For Udo, I ended up smashing it together with the head, arms, weapon and backpack from the Dark Vengeance stubber cultist, with a dash of greenstuff for good measure. Truth be told the arm proportions don’t quite work and my greenstuffing is very patchy in places when you look up close, but it isn’t too noticeable from across the tabletop and at the end of the day he is supposed to be a mutant, so it is easy to explain away badly proportioned limbs 🙂
Big Udo, Mutant Henchman Inq28

Since I did an about turn and decided upon having a puritan Inquisitor leader for my warband rather than a tainted one, Udo doesn’t quite work as an appropriate sidekick just yet – maybe he will if Inquistior Fell succumbs to the path of Radicalism or perhaps I’ll keep him Udo as a minion for a new Heretic protagonist – I haven’t decided yet.

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1 Response to The Chapel Project – Part 14 – Big Udo, Mutant Henchman painted

  1. He’s a great one mate

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