The Chapel Project – Part 13 – Rotting Battle Servitor painted

And nearly six months after kit-bashing this little fellow, I have finally got around to painting him (or should that be it).

My original intention was that the Rotting Battle Servitor would be a kind of NPC, ‘wandering monster’ or and objective. A warband might be searching for it in order to strip valuable data from it’s rusting data cogitators to help uncover a secret from Orphic Catacombs of the Chapel. Or perhaps it could be reprogrammed and used as a weapon/ally?

My thanks to Imperial Ork Rebel for suggesting that adding a few nicks and chips to the chainsword teeth would make it seem more battered and also to Wudugast for suggesting the addition of a few cables hanging around the torso and guts. Finally, I must confess that stole/borrowed the skin colour recipe from WilhelMiniatures’ Pestigor step-by-step blog post.

Given the miniature is quite forward leaning, I wasn’t quite able to get an angle with my camera phone that I was happy with, but I think the finished paint job looks reasonably good:

Inq28 Rotten Battle Servitor

Inq28 Rotten Battle Servitor

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7 Responses to The Chapel Project – Part 13 – Rotting Battle Servitor painted

  1. Thomas says:

    The pale but almost oil skin colour is great. Very disturbing. It looks the part no doubt.

  2. Wudugast says:

    Great work, the finished piece lives up to the promise shown by the initial conversion and the paint job helps to separate it from Nurgle and define it as a decaying machine and a cyborg but not as something in any way daemonic. Well done!

  3. heresyofus says:

    Great skin effect. I’m looking forward to seeing more and maybe get a Chapel photo shoot done with them.

  4. Really like him mate. He looks positively decayed

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