Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 7: Battlefleet Gothic

After the last round’s Warlord Titan battle, it didn’t feel right to go back to a small point game for the final round of the campaign. Instead I opted to play a Battlefleet Gothic game representing the Traitor forces attempting to flee and evacuate the planet (since they have been on a loosing streak the last few rounds this was an obvious narrative hook). I don’t actually own any Battlefleet Gothic ships, but my opponent did and was up for a learning game:

Battlefleet Gothic ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships

This was a super fun game! While I can see how the mechanics of Battlefleet Gothic are showing their age in some respects, it has a very unique flavour and some interesting choices are made in terms of the risk/reward of choosing bracing for impact to minimise damage at the cost of reducing your own ship’s firepower. The game definitely piqued my interest enough that if Forgeworld/GW Specialist games do a ‘Battlefleet Heresy’ reboot as they have suggested then I’d definitely pick up a set. Sadly, I fear my poor performance with all Traitor Legion transports being destroyed does not bode well for the final results of the last round 😦

I still miss the chance to play ‘kitchen-hammer’ style with my old gaming buddies for a whole gaming days/weekends but geography, work and family commitments don’t make that feasible these days and so it has been a really great experience to be playing semi-regularly again and the club environment with campaign participation really works well for me in that regard.

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