Dark Mechanicum Part 12 – House Atrax & Cyclothrathe Mechanicum muster for Tarsiss 4

This weekend, I will be attending the next in the series of the Tarsiss 4 narrative Horus Heresy events and this is the force I will be taking:
Dark Mechanicum House Atrax and Taghmata Cyclotrathe

I had a great time at the event last year and it is relatively local from the family home so that is a plus point. My write-up from the previous event can be found here:

I have been pretty busy with both family and work commitments the last few months, plus have had a few health issues so haven’t really been making much hobby progress. Luckily all of the above forces were painted well in advance! I’m going to concentrate on smaller unfinished projects as a change of pace and as a bit of a hobby palette cleanser.

With this force, I think I have learnt my lesson from previous narrative events and managed to get a reasonable balance of things which are both fun to play and fun to play against, while retaining some distinctiveness – will have to see how my games go!

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5 Responses to Dark Mechanicum Part 12 – House Atrax & Cyclothrathe Mechanicum muster for Tarsiss 4

  1. The army looks great man. I hope you’re feeling better now

  2. Great looking force! Have an awesome time this weekend!

  3. How did you paint the dark armor panels? Just read through all of your relevant posts and didn’t see anything by way of explanation. My best guess is Black plus Skavenblight Dinge but I REALLY want to replicate the Styrix picture and in turn your style. Please, give a brother some help!!!

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