Dark Mechanicum Part 11 – Cyclothrathe Mechanicum – Thanatar

The Thanatar is one of my favourite and arguably one of the most iconically prototypical Mechanicum figures in the Forgeworld range. This new addition nicely rounds out my small Dark Mechanicum Cyclothrathe force which acts as a viable allied detachment for use alongside my House Atrax Knights:

Dark Mechanicum Cyclothrathe Thanatar

Hopefully I will get to field test him soon at either the final round of the HATE Club narrative campaign or at the Tarsiss 4 event at Incom Gaming end of Sept. I am feeling that I am done with the 30k Mechanicum for the moment – with 40k 8th edition in full release gear, I’m more tempted to look at dusting off some of my older 40k armies and finally put some focus on my languishing Inq28 projects.

The prospect of a much simpler and cleaner game offered by 8th edition has killed a bit of my enthusiasm for Horus Heresy and it certainly looks like the death of Alan Bligh and the expansion of support for Specialist games has slowed the rate of new Forgeworld Horus Heresy releases. I’d be really excited to see what is finally done with the Dark Mechanicum rules in Angelus, but it looks like that might not be out until end of 2018 which is more than enough time for me to find new hobby distractions.

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2 Responses to Dark Mechanicum Part 11 – Cyclothrathe Mechanicum – Thanatar

  1. He’s cool man. Nice work. I look forward to seeing your inq gear.

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