Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 3

I managed to get my third 1k point campaign game in a few weeks ago, which was notable on two fronts: it was a Mechanicum on Mechanicum game and also this was this first time I have played 30k using the Zone Mortalis rules.

While Forgeworld no doubt intend for you to use their beautiful and equally expensive resin 12″x12″ official tiles (Realm of battle: Zone Mortalis), there are other options and my opponent had a very practical solution for wargamers on the move: a copy of the the floor tiles from the Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero boxed game, combined with some spray painted laser-cut MDF walls and a few elements of scatter terrain from my collection. While this required a little set-up time, it was very compact and the whole terrain would comfortably fit in the space of a small shoebox – so perfectly reasonable to lug along with a skirmish army to your gaming club.

Anticipating that this would be a pretty even match-up, I’d decided to try out using the Legio Cybernetica to see if the buffs to my robots would be sufficient to give me the edge. The game was very bloody & close, but ironically I ended up loosing due to the Legio Cybernetic penalty of giving your opponent an extra d3 victory points if you loose your HQs with Cortex Controllers – I seem to pretty consistently loose my Mechanicum HQs with some regularity so I need to rethink how I use them in the future I fear!

Overall, I really enjoyed the claustrophobic atmosphere that ZM provides as well as the additional brutality that it adds to template weapons and reaction fire shooting. While my tactics and list definitely needs work, I really enjoy the play style of the Legio Cybernetica so I’m definitely looking to add some additional HQs as well as more big robots.

Entertaining highlights of the game for me were the heroic effort of a single thrall that due to chance managed to hold up my opponent’s tooled up Malgara Archmagos assassin for a few turns and the fact that my opponent had a squad of Thallax stuck behind a bulk head security door which due to poor dice rolls proved to be indestructible and so held them up for a few turns.

I really like ZM so I’ll have to try to aim to play more often and really is very well suited to smaller 500-1000pt games which have become my own standard for weekday gaming club nights. While, I would love to pick-up a set of the Forgeworld tiles, I think a more reasonable ‘poor man’s’ solution would be for me to dig out a set of floor tiles from Deathwatch: Overkill and to make up some modular wall arrangements from my leftover bits of Deadzone terrain.

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9 Responses to Heresy @ HATE: Doomsday campaign – Part 3

  1. Thomas says:

    I picked up the floor tiles and all non plastic content from Overkill with something like this in mind (that I was curious about the rules and the game mechanics). Great looking models in the batrep.

    • heretic30k says:

      I did lay out the tiles the other day and I have to admit I wasn’t as inspired as I hoped for. Still the floor plans are just supposed to be a foundation/back drop to add onto. I still haven’t bothered to crack open the rules for Overkill, Calth of Prospero!

      • Thomas says:

        Calth has a brilliant set of rules. I really like that game.

      • heretic30k says:

        I’ll have to find an Ultramarine player to play against – or proxy for something more heretical, but Calth with Iron Warriors vs Word Bearers doesn’t seem quite right 🙂

      • Thomas says:

        I bought Calth sans minis too, I use my other models to play. Well worth it. The game has a fun activation mechanism. All units (model or group of models on the same hex) have two actions per turn and you go back and forth activating units.

      • heretic30k says:

        I wish 30k/40k had an activation mechanic – that is one of the main problems I have found to effect game balance is who gets first turn. That said 8th’s approach to close combat seems a sop to this which I’m interested to see how it works in practice.

      • Thomas says:

        Deployment works that way too, right? I deploy one unit, the you deploy one.

        I think 40k have to many units per side to have a activation mechanic in the movement and/or shooting phase. It would slow the game down a lot since you would constantly react to your opponent’s action. In smaller games (50 power points) it would work but not in a game pushing 100 PP.

      • heretic30k says:

        I’m not sure it would be that much longer/slower to play – Epic for example had alternating activations and was quite scaleable. I’ve been intrigued by Gates of Antares and that has a similar dice bag mechanic to bolt action and short of playing 40k apocalypse they should be very similar in scope in terms of no. Of units in an army.

      • Thomas says:

        You might be right. My gut tells me that it would be slower because you will be constantly reacting to the enemy movement rather then just reacting once per game turn. But my gut feeling isn’t exactly science. 😉

        I have played Epic since they released the Space Marine box way back when and I’ve tried neither Bolt Action nor Gates of Antares.

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