Dark Mechanicum Part 10 – Archmagos


I picked up the Start Collecting: Skitarii set a while ago to kit-bash some more 30k Dark Mechanicum Thralls, but also handily it includes the Tech-Priest Dominus model which I also intend to use as a Magos Prime/Archmagos/Magos Dominus for 30k. My thinking is that I have tended to find experimenting with a single HQ is a little risky with the both Draykavac/Taghmata and Legio Cybernetic Mechanicm builds and also while I love the Forgeworld Archmagos Draykavac model, it is fragile and expensive due to being resin, so I really wanted something in plastic that would be less at risk of breaking in transit for weekday game club nights.

There isn’t much in terms of customisation in the kit – just two head and weapon options, but it should be pretty easy to convert. I decided to build it up stock and as a concession to robustness left off the servo-skull as I didn’t think that would be likely to survive much casual handling and regular transport. I’ll probably end up buying another box or two of the start collecting kit so I will doubtless end up with another Magos or two and so I’ll take the opportunity then to kit bash more aggressively for more variety.

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