The Chapel Project – Part 7 – Silon Thrace, Glavian Gun-Cutter Pilot

One of the suggestions in the framework for The Chapel Project, is that you have a walker for transportation, so I decided that I’d like to make something to represent a driver/pilot whom is used to transporting the warband on land and into orbit. The model for this would be the Glavian, Midas Betancore from Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn Trilogy. There was even an old article from the Inquisitor 54mm game (‘Hotshots and Hotheads‘) explaining why the Glavians were so highly sought after as pilots.

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7 Responses to The Chapel Project – Part 7 – Silon Thrace, Glavian Gun-Cutter Pilot

    • heretic30k says:

      Thanks – I wanted to try to find a good helmet for him to hold, but couldn’t find anything suitable in my buts box so went with the dual pistol wielding as an interim measure. Might remodel if I can find something suitable before I get around to painting 🙂

  1. heresyofus says:

    I like the pose with the pistols. Looks like he’s about to go blasting away at something.

  2. Thomas says:

    Gunslinger = win

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