The Chapel Project – Part 5 – Voidsman Quint Jericus

Inq28 Voidsman Quint Jericus

My latest Chapel Project warband member: Voidsman Quint Jericus.  The figure isn’t quite finished as I need to clip off some of the Genestealer cult iconography and scrounge some Imperial iconography to replace it.

Quint was born amongst on the under crew of the Hazeroth-class privateer vessel known as the Obsidian Pearl.  After the execution of it’s void pirate lord, the ship was claimed in the name of the Imperium by Inquisitor Kallidon Fell and subsequently reconsecrated under the name, The Emperor’s Reach.  The indentured under-crew’s lot changed little with this change of master.  However, Quint came to prominence during an attempted boarding action by the Void Dragon Eldar Corsairs: the doughty voidsman managed to rouse his fellow lower-deck crew to fight back against all of the odds and survive the incursion.  Recognising, the value of having an individual of such indomitable resolve and combat effectiveness, Fell promoted Quint to the rank of Voidsman within the ship and this eventually lead to his joining the Inquisitor’s Acolytes on ground missions.

Quint now accompanies Fell in his delving into the secrets of the Chapel.  As a native of the void, he finds on world, open locations like the Albino woods to be deeply alien and unsettling.  Ironically, he will relish entering into the confined labyrinthine depths of the Chapel by comparison as they remind him of the only home he has ever known: the dark, hellish and cramped under decks of an Imperial starship.



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12 Responses to The Chapel Project – Part 5 – Voidsman Quint Jericus

  1. Thomas says:

    Great model, the motion of the coat along with power fist is just excellent. The background piece is just ace.

    • heretic30k says:

      Thanks – I may end up making him a bit more gothic looking with a few more additions, but as I figured as a voidsman he has an excuse to look at bit more high tech.

  2. Great work. I too am going for more of a militant feel for my Warband. Good choice of head and I throughly enjoyed the background.

  3. heresyofus says:

    Nice idea for a character. I do so love his face. What bit did you use?

  4. The GC models are great for void-dwellers, aren’t they. The head is a great choice as well, he looks suitably grizzled.

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