The Scourging Of Luth Tyre – Part 1 – Narrative Background

Dark Apostle Diabolist Vaylin-Zhul (‘The Half-Born’) chafed with the tedium of his posting: the re-Compliance of Luth Tyre in the name of the Warmaster had offered little challenge and the on-going sacrifice of the civilian population was a paltry offering to the Ruinous Powers.

Vaylin had been tasked with sifting through the fragments of arcane lore hinted at by the works of the warp dabbler and architect Nicodemus Hawkspire whose tainted monuments littered Luth Tyre.

Malachai Ghore, prophet & leader of his Warp Cult thralls approached with barely contained excitement – the Neverborn coiling Ghore’s soul was brother to that of Zhul and so Vaylin excused the cursory deference:
‘Lord Vaylin, my Psykers have detected a IV Legion force inbound to Luth Tyre system. Is this expected my Lord – are they to reinforce us? What is your command?’

Vaylin closed his eyes as Zhul opened itself to the flow of destinies visible through the tides of the warp. After a few moments consideration, Vaylin opened his mouth to speak, but this time with the voice was the neverborn Zhul’s:
‘Perturabo is blindly searching for the location of the Black Oculus. He sends a force to Luth Tyre hoping to tease what crude secrets he can from Hawkspire’s monuments. This risks the harmony of Lorgar’s great song – assemble the Covenant, Malachi – it is time to sacrifice Astartes blood & souls in offering to the Octet Pantheon’.

4,000pts Horus Heresy battle: Traitor Iron Warriors vs Traitor Dark Compliance (Word Bearers & Warp Cultist Milita) incoming . . .

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