Dark Mechanicum Part 2 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix Finished

I have finally finished the first Knight of my House Atrax Dark Mechanicum allied detachment:

Dark Mechanicum House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix

The Questoris Stryix is a hybrid Forgeworld kit: the base model is the standard plastic Imperial Knight kit, with resin armour plates, weapons and head pieces. This has been possibly the most funny hobby project in quite some time – certainly beats grinding out warp cultists by the dozen.

It has to be said that the FW printed assembly instructions aren’t great, so it is a good idea to head over to Warhammer TV channel on Youtube and check out the four part assembly and painting guide by Duncan.

The key take away is that it is best to assemble the ‘skeleton’ and paint that as a whole, but leave off the armour plates to paint separately and then glue on at the end.

Luckily, I’ve managed to pick up a copy of the Imperial Knight: Renegades boxed game, so that gives me two more standard plastic Knights with quite a few weapon options at a good discount. It is worth noting that since I can’t be bothered with magnetising, I should end up with quite a few spare plastic bits which I’m currently planning on using to create some ‘damaged Knight’ terrain/objective markers are some point.

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11 Responses to Dark Mechanicum Part 2 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix Finished

  1. ejhenries says:

    Looking good bud.

    • heretic30k says:

      Cheers – I’m quite pleased how it turned out. I’m not normally fond of painting vehicles as I never seem to do a good job of painting flat surfaces. Knights have lots of texture so you can get away with simple washes & drybrushing 🙂

      • ejhenries says:

        The finish seemed so smooth with what looked like subtle fading of colours that I thought you had airbrushed it. I know what you mean about vehicles, the large surface areas feel like they should be easy but they can often end up lifeless unless you add battle damage, fading, oil stains, etc.

      • heretic30k says:

        Aha – this is one of my other cheats as I don’t airbrush. The black plates are spray undercoat chaos black then mottle sponged skavenblight dinge focusing more on the highlighted areas. Similarly, the red is khorne red with 2-3 thin layers to give a smooth finish then wazdakka red sponged highlight. It doesn’t look very fancy up close, but fine from tabletop 2-3 feet distance 🙂 I’d love to get an airbrush and learn, but since I actually do most of my hobbying while travelling for work it wouldn’t be practical to hoof along a compressor along with the rest of my hobbying gubbins!

      • ejhenries says:

        Well from a distance it looks really good, lots of definition even on the flats. I keep picking up stuff like sponges and toothbrushes to mix up my techniques, then I just tend up getting distracted by something else, the joys of new model syndrome.

      • heretic30k says:

        I too get readily distracted – I trying to focus projects now towards particular gaming events to encourage myself to work to a deadline. That and trying to a be a bit more brutal about my old minis backlog – if I buy something new then I force myself to go through the unopened/unassembled slush pile and then sell off or trade whatever seems unlikely to ever float to the top priority on my hobby list. One in / one out is the plan!

      • ejhenries says:

        That’s a damn good plan, I’ve only just started doing something similar as the ongoing projects pile has become more of a mountain!

      • So the (black) armor plates are JUST Chaos black spray primer and Skavenblight Dinge? Nothing else? As much as I want to believe that, it just doesn’t make sense: your knight/s are freaking excellent. Is that seriously all you did to those areas???

      • heretic30k says:

        Yes that is all I did – you can add a few iron breaker scratches/chips to taste, but I did do much of that.

  2. Thomas says:

    So cool mate! The variant armour plates look really cool.

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