Dark Mechanicum Part 1 – House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix

If you followed my previous ramble about trying to decide what to commit to as my next Horus Heresy related hobby would be then it probably won’t be much of a surprise to hear that I finally opted for a Dark Mechanicum/Questoris Knight House force, but there was a significant confluence of small events which tipped me over to this option:

I was flipping through the Forgeworld Horus Heresy Book for inspiration, when I happened across a colour plate for this Questoris Knight Styrix of House Atrax.

Dark Mechanicum House Atrax Questoris Knight Styrix

This Black/Red/Brass colour scheme took my fancy and was close enough to some of the spot colours I used for my Warp Cultists that it should fit in. Reading around the background, I realised that essentially House Atrax is a subservient thrall of the Traitor/soon to be Dark Mechanicum of the Forgeworld Cyclothrathe – a perfectly debased kind of ally for a Warp Cult.

Flipping through the Questoris Knight rules, this also offers some interesting list building options with different play styles: Traitor Knight Houses have the option of taking the named character Archmagos Draykavac as an alternative HQ choice, which in game terms opens up taking Castellax as Troop choices and Vorax as Fast Attack choices – essentially allowing you to build a hybrid Mechanicum/Knight force in a single detachment.

Fortunately, my local games store had one last few set of Imperial Knights: Renegade in stock so I grabbed that along with placing an order for the Questoris Styrix from Forgeworld. That should give me three Knights with a couple of different weapon load outs – the perfect staging point for an allied force for my Warp Cult and it should also be easy to extended into a full Knight or Dark Mechanicum list in the future.

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