Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 9: Objective Markers

This will probably be my final post relating to my Covenant of the Octet Pantheon army for Horus Heresy for a while – I have definitely have burned myself out hobby-wise with this force now, but then it is a complete and fully functional 3,000pt army so should really need significant additions unless something takes my muse.

I just realised that I had finished these a while ago for Takaan-Reva, but I hadn’t actually posted a pic of them all together and here you are:

Chaos Statue Objective Markers Horus Heresy 30k/40k

The idea of these was to make them quick to paint, in keeping with the theme of the army and most importantly these days – ‘re-purposeable’ for different games and genres.

The statue pillars are simply from the GW Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria set which I managed to get a couple of ebay for a reasonable price. The statues themselves are simply some left over chaos odds and ends which have been painted in corroded copper colour scheme. Since they aren’t actually glued to the columns, I can add different ones for different games i.e. to make them more generic fantasy or 30k/40k themed as needed.

Also since the miniatures can come off they can double up as golems/living statue constructs in Frostgrave scenarios – a bonus since I’d like to try that out later this year 🙂

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