Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors Part 5: Doomsday Weapons

Struggling to face up to the fact that as much as I might like the idea of having a 30k army with hundreds of militia levy cultists, I have to admin I have run out of time. The Takaan-Reva event that I am aiming to finish my army for is now only a little over a month away and so I need to bulk out my list with something a bit more expensive than 2pt cultists.

With a Baneblade filling the Lord of War slot and 3 Malcador Annihilators filling out Heavy Support, I decided to look to some less conventional options to bulk out the points and this lead me to looking at fortifications:

The Infernal Truth (‘Infernali Veritate’) – Plasma Obliterator

Fortification: Plasma Obliterator

My local games shop happen to still have a few of these in stock and since I thought it looked like a good option for a warp cult doomsday weapon.

The Plasma Obliterator was a limited release GW kit and I can understand why: this kit was manufactured in China and is definitely not up to the standard of the UK produced kits, being quite possibly the most horrible to assemble kit I have ever had the displeasure of building – and that is including my experience of Forgeworld’s resin kits and Mantic’s horrible restic kits.

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