Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors

I have really been feeling pulled back to working on my various Chaos themed projects lately.  A great source of recent inspiration has been Wudugast’s Convert or Die blog which features some fantastic traitor guard themed kitbashes lately and has reminded me of when I had just got back into the hobby around 8 years ago after a long hiatus.

Back then, I hadn’t anticipated starting to collect and paint whole armies again, but I had dipped my toe into assembling and painting a half dozen Cadians and Forgeworld Chaos Renegades for use in a Dark Heresy RPG campaign I was intending to run at the time – largely inspired by the Blood Pact from Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts series.  Fast forward to 2016 and I have managed to have accumulated around 3k each of Imperial Guard, Tyranids and most recently expanding into 30k/40k Chaos themed forces.

I really got inspired to pick up the Chaos themed forces again back in 2012 when I picked up a copy of Dark Vengeance: while I quickly got bored with painting the Dark Angels in the set and ended up training them away, both the Chaos Chosen and the Cultists really seemed a creative high note for GW and simply blew away the rather tired looking old school Chaos Space Marine kits.  While it is a shame that there still isn’t a proper multi-part kit for the Chosen or Cultists, they are both sufficiently cheap to pick up odd figures 2nd hand on Ebay that it is very viable to simply chop them up and kit-bash.

That said, I hadn’t ended up with any burning need to complete a via 40k playable army until the Worcester Wargames 2015 Doubles Event in July last year which finally encouraged me to finish painting the stock 20 cultists I had from the DV set that until then had sat unfinished for 3 years.


This year, I’m aiming to be a bit more ambitious on the gaming and hobby front: I’d like to try to get a 30k force finished in time to attend a Horus Heresy themed event and a good candidate is likely to be the one due to be organised by The Imperial Truth podcast’s Greg Dann at Firestorm Games in August.  I’m still not completely sure what list to run since I haven’t actually played any 30k games yet, but I quite fancy doing either some form of Word Bearer and Warp Cult themed Militia allied together with a Calth theme and so that will most likely require me to kit-bash up probably at least another 50 odd figures for use as cultists/mutants/traitors.

So without further ado here are some of most recent servants of the ruinous powers that I have finished:

40k Chaos Cultists & Mutants/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Cultist Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Cultist Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Cultist/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Mutant/30k Cult Militia40k Chaos Cultist/30k Cult Militia

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10 Responses to Chaos Cultists, Mutants & Traitors

  1. Great looking Traitors mate. I’m quite partial to Traitors.

  2. heretic30k says:

    Indeed – the thing I like best about traitor/chaos forces is that there isn’t an expectation that they have to be uniform so there is lots of potential to build and customise very individual pieces. I got very bored towards the end of my IG and Tyranid projects because it felt like such a chore to churn out another 10 figures in a very uniform styling – I don’t seem to have got hobby fatigue with the chaos projects yet because of the variety. Love the Inq28 work you have been doing recently BTW – I need to go back to looking at finishing my Inq28 projects at some stage!

  3. Thomas says:

    Great looking crew. Reminds me, I should finish my cultist some day. Damn you, backlog of unfinished projects!

    • heretic30k says:

      Thanks! I must say I have been keeping a keen eye on your Genestealer Cult commentary and will be very excited to see what you end up doing with that release. I have already pre-ordered a set, but I’m not sure yet whether or not to use some of the hybrids from that for kitbashing up my next batch of chaos cultists. There is aways the chance I will end up getting another set just for that or perhaps ebaying a few extra (which would probably be the more fiscally prudent option).

      • Thomas says:

        I haven’t ordered a box yet, hopefully I’ll be able to split a box with a Space Marine player. And I think if you want extra units ebay will be the way to go. I suspect that there will be plenty of plundered boxes. The game itself will probably be really cheap, if Betrayal at Calth is anything to go by. I picked up a copy of BaC (no models) for only ~13 euros including shipping. Bargain for a solid board game with quality cards, dice, booklet and board.

      • heretic30k says:

        I got two sets of BaC and intend to keep the board game components even though I don’t have immediate plans for playing BaC, I figured they would be a perfectly fine poor man’s Zone Mortalis. Similarly with Deathwatch I think the floor plans will be perfectly useful for RPG or 40k Killteam/Zone Mortalis. The GW boxed sets are fantastic value from a pure miniatures POV, but also the production quality of the card components is really under rated.

      • Thomas says:

        BaC as Zone Mortalis would work pretty good, especially if you have two (or more) sets. The Assassins game seemed like a let down, the reissue of cultists, terminator lord and snapfit chaos marines was not the best move. And only one mission, naw, lazy. Deathwatch looks cool enough but Space Hulk is still the king of the hill.

  4. Wudugast says:

    Cheers for the shout out. Some fantastic looking traitors there mate 🙂

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