Deadzone Chovar Psychic

One of the more fun things about Deadzone from a hobby POV is that there are a number of mercenary characters which are quite varied and flavourful.  While the major factions are all quite humanoid looking, there are a few of mercenaries which are a bit more ‘out there’ – the Chovar Psychic being the case in point.


The Chovar can only be described as a jellyfish looking alien.  I’m not usually a big fan of metal miniatures as a big part of the fun of hobbying for me is kitbashing, but since the Chovar is in metal, it does offer lots of potential for reposing with a little light bending.

I haven’t yet played with the Chovar as I have parked playing DZ1 while waiting for the DZ2  Infestion/’Redux’ kickstarter release to come out, but I think it is a fun & characterful figure which will be interesting to use in narrative games.

It is quite a large figure, so here is a side by side pic with a Deadzone Plague Zombie and a Enforcer Peacekeeper for comparison:


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