My 2015 Year in the hobby review

The Good

Much positive hobby progress was made this year and
I actually managed to paint a fair amount of minis including:
Warhammer 30k/40k:

  • 40k Khorne Chaos Space Marines (2 squads berserkers & 1 squad warp talons assembled & painted)
  • 40k Nurgle Chaos Space Marines (2 squads plague marines, 1 squad chosen, 1 squad possessed, 2 rhinos and 3 HQs assembled & painted)
  • 30k Word Bearer Space Marines (1 squad assault squad, 1 veteran, 1 Gal Vorbak, 1 Ghara Mal, 2 HQs assembled & painted)
  • 30k Alpha Legion Space Marines (1 squad assembled & painted)


  • Genestealer Cult (assembled)


  • Forge Father Forge Guard (1 squad assembled & painted)
  • Forge Father Brokers (1 squad assembled & painted)
  • Enforcers (2 squads troopers & 2 squads enforcers assembled & painted).


  • 24 Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Streets game board tiles (painted).
  • Antenocitis Workshop Xenoflora scatter terrain (painted).

Overall this is probably around 120+ figures/elements done and so I am pretty happy with that.


  • Tried out (R)Age of Sigmar.
  • Played in two different 40k events.
  • Around a half dozen games of X-wing.
  • Started the Deadzone Contagion solo campaign with my Rebs (actually played this co-op style with a friend).
  • Started a Star Wars Imperial Assault Campaign.

The Bad
Despite the large amount of effort I put into new 40k armies, I still only managed to play 2 games! I do really enjoy the kit bashing/painting side of the hobby, but I need to remind myself that I do also have two other completed finished armies fully painted in my Tyranid & Imperial guard forces both of which are floating around the 3,00pts mark – I really should aim to dust them off and get them onto the table. The problem is as much as I love the idea of playing big games of 30k/40k they do just take a lot of time logistically to set-up and play.

Roleplaying was a complete failure this year for me – didn’t get chance to do anything as a player or as a GM.

The Ugly
I still have barely touched the figures I got from the Deadfall Xtreme and Kings of War 2 Kickstarters and have only had time to skim the rules.

The Age of Sigmar release put the death knell to me doing anything further with my old WFB Skaven army. I don’t even think AoS is a bad game – I can see that it has a niche in the GW line-up, but it isn’t a game for me. KoW v2 may be, but I do find myself looking at large pine of unassembled figures and not feeling that inspired to pain 20-30 figures at a time for a single unit. I think I will assemble and paint some key figures for use in Dungeon Saga, but can’t really face committing to any full armies unless I know it is both fun and plays sufficiently quickly that I am going to get the chance to play regularly.

On the subject of Dungeon Saga, I do seem to be one of the backers that have had their order go astray. I have been lucky with the other Mantic Kickstarters I have participated in to date and have been happy with the price: figures ratio although the quality can be a little patchy on occasion. The most recent hard plastic Deadzone and KoW2 releases have been very good, but it does sound like they have had some pretty sloppy QA fails with Dungeon Saga and their communication can be spotty with customer support.

I am sure this will be sorted out at some stage in 2016, which leads me onto.

Looking forward into 2016
Given work/family commitments it really makes sense now to focus on more skirmish style games for the next year. So I am hoping to get in some 30k/40k kill team, tactical strike or zone mortals style games (i.e. mainly infantry small point games from 200-750pts).

Deadline v2 (aka ‘Deadzone Redux’) should ship around end of Jan/start of Feb and the new ruleset seems much more streamlined/fast and deadly play which should suit me fine. If the new rules go down well with my regular gaming group this is currently the likely go game for me for the year: I actually have a small but playable number of figures painted for all of the initial Deadzone v1 release factions and a handful of mercenaries all ready to go.

I have jumped on the Warpath Kickstarter too so I have the option of grabbing some additional terrain and figures mainly for Deadzone, but I will probably give Warpath a spin. It could be a good option for me playing one off game events for old wargaming friends that used to play older editions of 40k back in the day, but have fallen out of love of the clunkiness of the modern rules and the high price of entry for modern GW armies. Intellectually I really like the idea of a mass battle sci-fi wargame, but looking at the current Warpath rules, I cannot help but feel that this would be better suited to 15mm or 6mm scale because of the abstractions.

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