Making use of Betrayal at Calth: WH30k Alpha Legion

I have mainly been using my Betrayal at Calth set to kitbash with the 40k Chaos Raptors/Warp Talons kit to build a tainted looking Word Bearer Assault Marine squad for my 30k Horus Heresy army.

However, having read the rules for the HH30k Tactical Strike campaign using the Victory is Vengeance rules from HH3 Extermination, I got a feeling that a small squad of Alpha Legion might make for a more fun and fluffy force for this type of game rather than the assault themed force that I have been working on with the Word Bearers.

I actually did a test paint job for a heresy era Alpha Legion force back in Jan 2015, but I decided to try to simplify it a bit so I could knock out a squad or two a bit quicker and this is what I came up with:
30k Alpha Legion

30k Alpha Legion

This is a really quick and simple scheme:

  • Spray with Army Painter Gunmetal as a basecoat/undercoat.
  • Touch up with GW Leadbelcher.
  • Wash twice with GW Coelia Greenshade.
  • Glaze with Guilleman Blue

I’m going to paint up 5-10 figures and see how I feel with this look compared with my older scheme 🙂

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4 Responses to Making use of Betrayal at Calth: WH30k Alpha Legion

  1. These look fantastic!! Really nice mate. I am impressed

  2. davekay says:

    Great impact from your paint scheme and thanks for sharing it!

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