Inq28 Genestealer Cult

I’m really burned out with large scale 40k army related projects and so have decided to dabble with some small scale Inq28 side projects.

For those younger GW fans, Inquisitor was one of the discontinued ‘Specialist Games’ with a more narrative/RPG feel.

While Inquisitor was originally designed with a limited range of 54mm figures in mind, the more pragmatic & economic option is to simpy use GW’s 28mm range – especially since the original Inquisitor range is discontinued.

An old school theme in 40k is that genestealers form cults around humans that they have infected and ‘mated’ with during their inflitration of the Imperium.  There are various generations of hybrids with the 1st gen being closest to the purestrain genestealer down to the 4th gen being most human.

This will be the first theme for an Inq28 warband to kitbash.  Next up I need to think of some ideas for the stalwarts of the Inquisition that will be aiming to purge them 🙂

Right to left: 4th gen Magus, 3rd gen with pistol, two 1st/2nd gens (depending on if I can think of another good intermediary) and finally the ‘mother’ broodlord purestrain.   

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