The End Is In Sight: Deadzone Wave 3 Progress

I got my final Deadzone Kickstarter shipment for Wave 3 in January: 20 Enforcers Troopers, 20 Enforcer Peacekeepers and 20 Forge Father Forge Guard – all in hard plastic.

It has been a long road to multi-part hard plastic figures for Mantic’s Deadzone range – I really did like the Plague Zombies and although I would have preferred a bit more variety on the sprues they actually kit bash really well with the Kings of War fantasy zombies & ghouls they are much nicer than the GW fantasy zombies which are are way long in the tooth IMHO.

The final Deadzone hard plastics released are a really great milestone for Mantic and they certainly were great priced if you backed during the kickstarter. Having just started assembling the Enforcers I can say they really are a GREAT improvement over the old restic ones which I don’t think anyone was going to miss.

Will report in again once I have made a start on the Peacekeepers & Forge Guard.


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2 Responses to The End Is In Sight: Deadzone Wave 3 Progress

  1. Allan says:

    I have so many Restics Enforcer models that remain unbuilt. I bought the Peacekeeper deal when they were first released and picked up Deadzone once it started retailing.

    I hate Restics so much!!

    Have said that the figures are ok once cleaned and assembled. It is just the cleaning take so long.

    I am still tempted to get some of the new hard plastics though.

    Keep up the great posts!



    • heretic30k says:

      Cheers – the restic enforcers really put me off just because of the amount work to clean-up. Fortunately, the hard plastics & board game plastics which are being used for newer releases do seem like very positive moves for Mantic.

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