Back to the Horus Heresy & WH30k

It is ironic that although I chose to call my blog ‘heretic30k’, I haven’t actually made much progress on getting together an army for Heresy Era 30k or even played much 40k last year.

There are lots of reasons why, but a big part of the problem was that I wasn’t much taken with my first few test models of the Sons of Horus- the official GW colour scheme was just too much like hard work. I really wanted to pick a colour scheme which was stayed away from the reds, browns and blacks that are within my usual palette and comfort zone to paint. Of the few Horus Heresy books I got around to reading last year, the most memorable were Legion, Betrayer and Unremembered Empire, so that convinced me to think again about doing either an Alpha Legion, World Eaters, Word Bearers or Ultramarines force. Of these options, I ruled out WB as I wanted to avoid red and WE as I both hate painting white and simply find it really hard to do well. That lead me to a choice of AL or Utrasmurfs. Since, I am hoping to pick up playing a 40k RPG later in the year like Black Crusade or Dark Heresy, Alpha Legion seemed more likely that I would get some usage from.

The official FW colour scheme is beautiful, but alas I don’t own an airbrush and it looks far too long winded for me and so I came up with a quick & dirty version of my own instead.

So here is my test paint scheme for Alpha Legion powered armour: spray white, basecoat Leadbelcher, wash Coelia Greenshade, glaze Guilleman Blue, sponge mottle highlight with Iron Breaker, glaze blue again, patch glaze Waywatcher Green in any areas that still seem too sliver.




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5 Responses to Back to the Horus Heresy & WH30k

  1. ephrael says:

    These AL marines look fantastic! I love the way you’ve mixed the FW MK IV and V armor bits as well as the 3rd party stuff. The MK IV and V are my personal favorites and I mixed the two of them on most of my own HH Alpha Legionaires. Your paint scheme looks great on them and is much simpler than the one FW uses. Thanks so much for sharing it so quickly. I’ll be following your blog now as well as your Twitter account. Please keep posting your excellent work on both formats.

    • heretic30k says:

      Thank you for the feedback – glad you found this useful. What are you working on at the moment?

      • ephrael says:

        I’m currently collecting all of the kits I need for a starter force of 30K Word Bearers. I also have some 30K Alpha Legion marines built and awaiting paint.

      • heretic30k says:

        Cool – I really like the Gal Vorbak figures for the Word Bearers and the new teaser for what looks like a daemon Contemptor should be kickass! Since my other 40k armies are Tyranids (red & yellow), Fleshtearers (red & black) and traitor guard (red & brown), I decided against WB for 30k just so I could a bit outside of the normal colour schemes I am comfortable with!

      • ephrael says:

        The Ashen Circle and Gal Vorbak kits were too good looking for me to pass up and I’m really excited about the new posessed contemptor pics. My heart and loyalty will always belong to the 1st Legion though. I’ll buy every 30k Dark Angels kit that FW releases as soon as they get to them. I don’t play very often so I always have a few side projects as well.

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