Painting Deadzone/Warpath Asterian Cyphers

They were terrible to clean-up & assemble, but I have really enjoyed making a start on painting my Asterian Cyphers & Black Talon (purple in my case). I’m hoping that with the Deadzone 2 Kickstarter that Mantic have some hard plastic alternatives planned for the future as I love the aesthetics, but they are pretty horrible to clean-up & assemble as the current release is in restic.

Current Asterian test colour scheme that I am quite pleased with is:

Spay undercoat white

Leadbelcher base coat
Ironbreaker dry brush
Runefang Steel dry brush
Gulliman Blue glaze
Coelia Greenshade wash

Mechanicus Standard Grey
Druchi Violet wash

Weapon Glow
Sotek Green
Temple Guard Blue
Gulliman Blue glaze



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