Deadzone Contagion: Solo Playing Survivor Campaign

This was my first spin at playing using the ‘artificial stupidity’ rules for zombies and I have to say it is great fun. I tried out using the Rebs for the first scenario (‘Their Coming’) of the Sole Survivor Campaign.

A win was just about scraped through in the end, but only two Rebs survived: a Grogan with Onslaught Cannon and Yndij Trooper. The Grogan was definitely the of MPV game managing to kill 6 zombies like a boss, one of which he ninja’d in close combat. At one point there were more than 30 zombies spawned so I could do with kit-bashing a few more – 40ish should hopefully do it.

Incidently this was also my first game with my Secret Weapon Miniatures Deadzone board and the resin equipment counters – both need some fine detailing to finish off, but I’m really pleased with how pimped my Deadzone set-up looks now.













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4 Responses to Deadzone Contagion: Solo Playing Survivor Campaign

  1. airborneace says:

    Love your scenery. Where did you find the large, standing advertisement boards? I really like those.

  2. Rafal Maj says:

    Awesome! Really cool looking board!

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