Third batch of Deadzone Plague Zombies: kitbashing with Kings Of War Undead Zombies & Ghouls

I have really enjoyed assembling & painting the Mantic Deadzone Plague Zombies in preparation for trying out the new Deadzone Contagion rules. For my third batch, I wanted to add in some additional variety and so inspired by the recent promo pics of the bundle that Mantic were doing which included some additional sprues from their undead zombie and ghouls from Kings of War.

Here are some examples that Mantic has shown off:
Mantic Deadzone Zombie kitbash examples

And here are some examples that I have built:
Mantic Deadzone Zombie kitbash

Mantic Deadzone Zombie kitbash

Overall I am really pleased with the result as it does add a huge amount of additional variation. It is worth noting that Deadzone Sci-Fi Zombies are pumped up virus/infected mutants rather than undead, but I like the idea that some of these are waiting away from wounds/hunger which the addition of the undead bits provides. I especially like the zombie that looks like he is eating the remains of his own exploded legs.

I’m keeping my fingers cross that the Deadzone 1.5 kickstarter or Warpath kickstarter next year will include some proper hard plastic corporation troopers as that would also add in some nice variety too. I know that restic troopers are available now, but I much prefer working with all hard plastic.

Next update, I hope to have started to paint these up to add along with my existing zombies & ruined battlezones ready for Contagion:

Mantic Ruined Battlezone

Mantic Deadzone Zombies & Ruined Battlezone

Mantic Deadzone Zombies & Ruined Battlezone

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2 Responses to Third batch of Deadzone Plague Zombies: kitbashing with Kings Of War Undead Zombies & Ghouls

  1. Rafal Maj says:

    Those zombies looks great! I like zombies idea in general.
    I’ll add some true undead zombies to my Deadzone for sure!
    Someday… I still haven’t painted my starter set yet. But I’ve already played some battles. The game is really nice. But I think I need more terrain.

    • heretic30k says:

      In my experience you cannot have too much terrain in Deadzone. For my initial pieces I focused mainly on relatively generic 1 cube and 1×2 cube relatively intact structures. Now that I have all the wave 2 terrain I am now focusing on bigger/higher pieces with a bit more character. I’m also working on my next 15 zombies and I am hoping that by next week I should have around 30 painted in total for Contagion πŸ™‚

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