Deadzone Nexus Psi Campaign Game 3: Scenario S1 – Shattered Hopes

This scenario deviates from standard Deadzone games in a couple of interesting ways. Firstly, there is no cover cube terrain unless the defending player spends points on it. Secondly, the battle is asymmetric and so the attacking player has a 20pt team advantage (70pt to 50pt). Finally, the only the attacker knows which of the 3 objectives is the scoring one.

Since, I was the Plague faction defender and already at a points deficit, I decided to gamble and not spend any points on cover – aiming to take advantage of blocking building structures.

Mutations were a mixed bag for me: glide on my Stage 3A; agile on my Stage 2A and then a slow one of my 3A Leaders.

‘Lucky’ my Stage 2A whom had survived the two previous games was rocking a 3+ Fight from the experience accumulated from the last few games and so I was hoping that combined with agile, a few move cards and some additional good command rolls I would be able to get him to quickly rip through the Enforcer line.

This turned out to be an exceptionally close game. The enemy veteran Assault Enforcers ripped through my Plague Dogs in close combat and the reliably nasty Enforcer Sniper managed to start to pick off my Troopers when I wasn’t able to suppress him sufficiently with blaze away. The lack of cover cubes especially around the objectives also meant that both sides managed to get quite a few clear shots off. Again the Enforcers has an edge here with all my Plague starting off enraged making their point shooting poor and ineffectual.

Both sides scrambled to grab loot & use the equipment tokens resulting in quite a few ammo and AP buffs.

The final few rounds came down to a close finish with luck being on my side. The Enforcer Sniper failed hard when trying to shoot “Lucky” while he was embroiled in a close combat with multiple Assault Enforcers whom then proceeded to chew threw them in quick succession.

I only had a “Lucky” and the slow Stage 3A at the end of the game but just managed to table the Enforcers.




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