Alternative Deadzone Terrain: Underground Lasers

I have recently been looking to get enough terrain together for the S4 Long Way Down Scenario from the Nexus Psi Campaign book. This battle takes place along the series of walkways and gantries suspended under the underside of a mining rig and so you need much more terrain than for typical games: essentially the game map represents a fall into oblivion and so no models can be voluntarily placed upon it.

To add in a bit of variety into the look of my regular Deadzone terrain I decided to pick up some of the 3″ cube based MDF terrain from Underground Laser‘s 2nd Kickstarter campaign. I also decided to further mix things up by going for a dirty white colour scheme in contrast the the current industrial yellow one I have been using for the Mantic plastic BattleZones. Below as some sample pics – one with just undercoat, base coat & highlight and then the second with some shading washes and sponge weathering.

2014-09-03 22.12.04

2014-09-03 22.12.00

I was initially worried that the MDF edging might seem a bit too clean cut, but with the weathering it looks nicely battered in keeping with my other terrain.

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2 Responses to Alternative Deadzone Terrain: Underground Lasers

  1. Facz says:

    It’s really awesome! But why didn’t you do a tutorial, because it’s the best looking terrain I’ve seen!

    • heretic30k says:

      Thanks – I didn’t write up as I’m still experimenting. It is very easy though: spray black, then grey and finally light dusting highlight of white. Recess wash brown (agarax earthshade) and then pick out a couple of recess areas in typhus corrosion. Edge weathering is just sponged skaven dingeblight with some edge dry brushing of leadblecher.

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