Kill Team: Operation Maximus – Summary of Games

Game 1 – Necron Wraith leader with & Deathmarks


Necrons proved nasty in Kill Team: Wraiths are the kings of close combat in this format being fast moving & hard to take down with their invulnerable save and multiple wounds. Deathmarks can be lethal too as they can mark you to wound on a 2+ if you deploy first as well as having the extra resilience from reanimation protocols. High leadership score means that it is hard to break them by reducing them to 50% strength.

Result: LOSS – lost half my suits to a Wraith in close combat and Deathmark sniper fire then broke from failed morale check. I did manage to get first blood however.

Game 2 – Space Marine Imperial Fist Bikers & Scouts


Toyznthehood Blogger Steve was up next – you can find his blog on the event here. The attack bikes combined with heavy bolters, the IF combat tactics and specialist abilities provided a great balance between firepower maneuverability and durability.

Result: LOSS – again managed first blood, but lost half my suits to the heavy bolter fire and broke. This was possibly my worst list match-up of the day: the attacks bikes with heavy bolters simply out distance me in terms of movement & shooting range so I had to try and get close in to do some damage while getting shot to pieces.

Game 3 – Imperial Guard Chimera Veterans
No pictures for this one as I forgot to take a picture, but no loss as this was the only player whom didn’t have a fully painted army. Chimera plus ten vet squad with plasma pistol, plasma gun and las cannon. My opponent turtled up with half his troops including the las cannon in the chimera, there wasn’t enough cover for me to hide behind on the board and try to jump-shoot-jump so a couple of las cannon shots and a failed break check later I had lost.

Result: LOSS. I did manage to scrape a few more points this time however as I had managed to kill a few specialists and get first blood.

Game 4 – Ork Kopters

My opponent would have done any Warboss proud – charging straight in as you would expect. My initial round of shooting was pretty unlucky, but then the supporting fire prevented two of the three assaults from initiating and my leader was lucky enough to survive two round of close combat before the Ork’s failed a morale check & broke.

Result: WIN.

Game 5 – Space Marine Legion of The Damned

LoD are a pretty solid choice for kill team – they have invulnerable saves and ignore cover with their shooting attacks. This table had no full LOS blocking terrain for me to use to hide and so I end ended up getting wiped out.

Result: LOSS.

Game 6 – Imperial Guard Cavalry

Arguably the best painted army I played against – a beautiful Death Korps of Krieg Cavalry & foot force. Probably the best match-up of the day for me as this was the least resilient to the sheer firepower of the Battlesuits.

Result: Decisive WIN – tabled my opponent.


Game 7 – Imperial Guard Chimera Veterans (again!)
Same opponent as Game 3, except this time I got the drop on him and had more favourable cover.

Result: WIN.

Game 8 – Space Marine Iron Hand Scouts

This was the most fun game I played on the day. The army was a really characterfully kit bashed and themed with a nice mix of ranged shooting & close combat. My opponent had the advantage of the higher ground, but there was enough LOS blocking terrain that I could hide most of my suits from his rocket launcher until I was able to pick it off. Once that was gone, I could be much bolder with little risk and so then picked off the rest of the army with my superior firepower.

Result: Decisive WIN – tabled my opponent.


Kill Team is a really fun format: given that you play 8 short games on a single day you don’t tend to get too hung up if you get a bad match up or are doing badly as in 45min you will have moved on and will be playing someone else! I had a good mix of different armies to play against and so every game offered a slightly different experience.

In terms of my list, I can now see the biggest flaw is the lack of resilience. Since you have to make break tests at the end of every turn once you have hit 50% strength or lose, I really needed more bodies on the board – 4 battlesuits is a very glass cannon build. Replacing a single suit for a squad of Fire warriors, Gun Drones, Pathfinders, Kroot or even Vespids would have been much more robust with much better staying power. More importantly this would probably make for a more diverse and fun to play against. Upgrading leadership to at least a 9 is also a must for this format as I suspect that if I had done this in the first place then I might have drawn two or three of the games I lost.

All in all I had a great time and will definitely try to go to another WHW event in 2014.

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