Sons Of Horus work in progress



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3 Responses to Sons Of Horus work in progress

  1. Rafal Maj says:

    Where is your Contemptor Dread? No one can simply collect 30k without contemptor dreadnoughts 😀

    Do these bases comes ready like that?

    • heretic30k says:

      LOL – I do really want a Contemptor, but my Heresy Era army is parked for now until I finish my Deadzone Wave 2 releases. To be honest, I have given up on 40k at the moment due to a lack of time to play full games and paint whole armies. The cost is also an issue as we have just bought a new family home so the hobby budget is a bit tight at the moment.

    • heretic30k says:

      The bases are a mix of Dark Art Studios, Dragonforge & Micro Art Studios – all are good quality resin.

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